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About ATG Consulting, LLC

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to present my employment history to your organization.   I feel that I am uniquely qualified with my experience in Sales Support, Proposal Development, Administrative Services, Website Management, Social Media Outlets, Firm Promotion and especially Creative Marketing, to make a contribution to any business.

I have made wise choices throughout my career through obtaining positions within firms where my skills would be utilized and where I will gain continuous knowledge to improve my credibility. Over the past two decades I have been put in all types of job situations where I was forced to adapt to my surroundings quickly. I feel as if I have been quite successful in doing just that.

I have always been known for my eagerness to help others. No matter what the problem is, I have always been able to step in and allow my skills to shine. Without the continued trust of my fellow employees to allow me to assist them in their project efforts my learning new skills would have been limited. I hope you will allow me to make as strong of an impression on your firm as I have on others.

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Skills Include

Creative Marketing
Social Media Promotion
Website Management
Administrative Services
Sales Support
Brand Creation